Sanctuary Sunday- Self Esteem

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In the recent weeks, I have been talking with my friends and discussing self-esteem. One close friend told me how amazing my self-esteem was. How I carry myself and always have such a positive outlook is both beautiful and addicting. We also speak about our past relationships and laugh and say what where we thinking. One main constant in all my relationships, she noticed, was how well I was always treated. I owe a lot of this to my mother. From the time I can remember she always told me I am beautiful, I am smart, and I am worth it. My parents also have a great relationship; filled with love & respect, so they are a great example for me. I never knew so many girls suffer from low self-esteem it was so foreign to me. As I got older and met girls and saw their dating habits, it all clicked. Someone along the line told them they weren’t worth it. Whether it was a parent, a family member, a guy, or even a friend someone told them this lie until they believed it. What a shame! I have seen the prettiest girls, with the lowest self-esteem. Why do you think vanity is so popular now a days? Everyone is looking for acceptance.
Girls I am telling you now, you are worth it. You are smart, beautiful, talented and worth it! There is so much hate and envy going on now, it’s sad. Instead of girls lifting another girl up we tear them down, because of our own insecurities. Every girl deserves to be treated like a queen, especially if you are a girl who will commit 100% and do everything for someone else. You deserve respect because what have you done not to have it. You deserve to be told you are beautiful every day, and you deserved to be loved for who you are.
You do NOT have to change for someone to like you. Read that line again. You create your own happiness, no one else does. Stop letting people create your happiness. Just like my favorite line from J.Cole “No need to fix what God already put his paint brush on” you were made unique and no one in this world is like you. You do not need to fix yourself for anyone but you. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m sick of people saying otherwise. When I was little I had my ugly stage and got bullied because I had frizzy hair (I still do), glasses (I still do) and braces. I know what it’s like to feel ugly, but every time my mom was there to pick me up and put me back together and show me I was beautiful.


Your self-esteem doesn’t just affect your looks; it affects your personality too. One thing my boyfriend has told me countless times he says you are beautiful, but your inner beauty shines brighter. Want to know why gorgeous girls are single? They struggle with self-esteem (in most cases). They are so worried on the outside they aren’t paying attention to the inside. Too many gorgeous girls let these no good guys come around and tear their self- esteem apart and you know why? Because they know this girl is too good for him and they are scared the girl will leave them. When these girls become single they look for attention in the wrong way, because that’s all these guys made them feel, they’re just a pretty face. You are more than just a pretty face, or a nice body, or smart. You are a great person inside and out and if a guy can’t see that, then cut him off. Like Jay Z says it” On to the next one.” Trust me there will always be another guy, who sees you for your true beauty. You can always tell the difference between a boy and a man, a man lifts you up, supports you, and grows with you. A boy plays games, makes you wonder about other girls, and degrades you.


Now, it’s not always a guy that makes you feel inferior. It can be a family member or even a best friend. Someone who is jealous of you, will break you down because they lack the inner beauty you have. Keep your eye out for the shade, and if you feel it, cut them off too. There will always be new girls, who love you for you, and appreciate you.

You attract what you think you deserve. If you don’t think you are good enough for someone, they will take advantage of you. Everyone deserves happiness, and you control your happiness.
Every day you aren’t going to feel your best and always positive, I get it. Try with me some ways to keep your self-esteem up, even on the hard days.



1) Say positive things about yourself in the mirror
2) Dress to impress, when you look good, you feel good ( I need to work on this more)
3) Give another girl a compliment, you will be surprised how kind words have such a positive effect on both of you


Too many people are bringing other people down, lets change that and be the unique ones.

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