What’s the secret to having everything you deserve? Well I believe it’s the “Ask, Believe, Receive” method with of course tons of hard work. Recently I have been venturing off into new businesses (I can’t wait to share) and I feel so positive about it. Yes there is still that little bit of fear and the “what ifs” if it doesn’t work out but those are minimal. There is a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I haven’t read it yet, but I have read some excerpts and the positivity in that book is just phenomenal. They are very similar to bible verses I have read. Like Matthew 21:22


I have posted this pic before in an old post.
Or how about Mark 11:24


Positive thinking is crucial when starting a business. The odds are against you before you even begin and many people back down or give up before the tables turn and you get your first breakthrough. With faith & hard work, I believe that’s the perfect equation to success.

A prime example of the “Ask, Believe, Receive” method is Kim Zolciak (Biermann) from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now for those of you who don’t indulge in my guilty pleasure of reality TV, here is her background: Started on Real Housewives of Atlanta (only white girl) she had a “sugar daddy” and two daughters. Everyone gave her trouble for this “sugar daddy” aka “Big Papa” and the fact that she didn’t have a job. So she started praying and within a couple of seasons she met her Atlanta Falcon football player husband Kroy Beirmnan. She then went on to have 4 more kids a total of 6 and even twins. She wanted a boy and girl because this was Kroy’s first marriage and he had no children. They had 2 boys together and on her last pregnancy she had twin’s one boy and one girl. She is a firm believer of the “Ask Believe Receive” method. In fact, she even named her fancy boat “Ask Believe Receive.” She then left the Housewives of Atlanta show and is now on her 4th season of her own show Don’t Be Tardy. That’s an accomplishment in its own being most spin offs tend to fail. She lives a hectic crazy life, but is doing well and she believed this was all meant for her.

The whole clan, I am a big fan of hers!

The whole clan, I am a big fan of hers!

Now not everyone can be so lucky to start off on TV and make it big I understand that, but it could happen to you in other ways. My mother who is 60, decided in her 50’s to go to college and become a teacher. My mother never went to college before and it’s been decades since high school. She was so nervous about being old in school and not being able to keep up. She is now 60 and is going for her Post Master’s degree, which is by far one of the biggest inspirations to me in life. She was also told that she will never get a job working for the DOE unless she knew a big wig, but now she is in her 3rd year of teaching as a DOE teacher for special ed. My mom worked her butt off, I see it every night from leaving at 5am to commute to NYC for work, to coming home making lesson plans and then going to night class. She always would pray and ask God for the strength and work hard and she is a success, at the age of 60 remind you!

Who can say they are lucky enough to graduate with their idol!

Who can say they are lucky enough to graduate with their idol!

There are so many stories you can YouTube about inspirational people “who started from the bottom now they here” (I am a Drake lover). You get the point, and one thing they have in common is the hard work they put in. Not everyone is spiritual and prays but they all have faith in themselves that they will succeed.


This method doesn’t just have to be about a new business or career opportunity. It can be applied to anything in life. How about your love life? Went through a break up, have been single for a while? Haven’t found anyone? I am telling you ask for that special someone, believe they are coming, and bam you will receive it! When I went through my break up with my boyfriend, I remember this one particular prayer where I said to God “I love him, I miss him, and if it’s meant to be bring us back together.” I knew we were meant to be together, it was just so instant for us, and then when I was on vacation least expecting it he reached out.

Another example is when an amazing friend of mine who is a PA recently asked me to pray for one of her patients in particular. This was one of her favorite patients that suddenly suffered a heart attack and had to do CPR to bring him back to life. She was devastated this had happened. He survived but was in critical condition and had a breathing tube in. She came to me and asked me to pray for him. I know nothing about this patient, but I said one prayer just one time. I prayed “God please watch over her patient, you are the God of healing, you said ask for it in your name and it will be done. I know you will use this man as a walking testimony of how he survived through your grace, Amen.” Two days later, she texted me telling me how he survived and the breathing tube is now out. We both were overjoyed! I thanked the Lord instantly, for hearing my prayers and answering them. This method could be applied to every aspect in life.


People always tell me how positive I am in life in general. I owe it all to my faith really, without it I would be so negative. I like to encourage people to live their dream. Life is hard already, why bring other people down. Plus I’ve noticed I’m the happiest when following my dreams and that makes everything in my life easier to deal with. So even if this didn’t work out for some reason I know this was a part of my journey for something even better. We are the youngest in our lives at this very moment, so why are we waiting to live our dream?
ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE – try it out and see what happens in the next few months; tell me how much better your life has been!


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