Sanctuary Sunday-Fear 7/5


Fear – an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Everyone has a fear, for me I have a few that I struggle with the most such as the ocean, spiders, clowns, and fear of failing to achieve my dream. Our generation is different from our parents generation. We have different dreams of being our own boss, and taking the leap our parents wouldn’t take. I feel like they went the more safe route and their goals were different.

With that being said, sometimes when I tell my parents I want to take my writing to the next level they don’t quite understand. They don’t understand our social media generation and how we can be our own boss and work from home. They don’t discourage me but they ask why would I want to leave a safe Job in the city, with benefits and pension and all and take that risk? So I ask myself, do I want to live in fear, or just take that leap to try and live my dream. Its funny how fear works, it creeps into your life at all different angles. The fear of terrorism is one, I mean its all over the news now a days. The fear of rejection, our generations is so afraid to get rejected, they rather not put themselves out there. The fear of getting hurt, in friendships and relationships. Well, I struggle with the fear of settling the most. Remember when we were younger and adults used to tell us we can be anything we want to be. Then you go to college (if you do) and they shoot that dream right down. They tell you, you need to have a career to pay off your school debt, and to buy a house, and one that has a pension. It can be so stressful in your 20’s and that alone causes fear. We don’t want to disappoint our family, but then we disappoint ourselves. There are times I don’t even know the right decision. Do I follow my heart, or go with what society thinks is right. I get all worked up, and start to feel nervous and like life is passing me by and I’m wasting time. When I get like this I take a step back and just breathe. For a while I was very stressed and fearful of what I was going to do with myself. My friends would ask me and I would give the “not sure yet” answer. My parents would brag about how I have a great job in the city, and how well I’m doing and it would make me cringe. I started to take time for myself, reading, researching, and praying to find my niche. I noticed that one thing that helped me to be less afraid was praying. For some of you, you might prefer meditating. When I would actually give myself a chance to breathe, and sit there and hear my words out loud to God, I would start to actually relax. Something about the quiet time, to get my thoughts together would help me to have faith that it will all work out.

What exactly is Faith? Faith is complete trust or confidence in something or someone. I believe in order to succeed in life, you need to have 100% faith in yourself. Sometimes thats hard for us to have, because we go through trials and tribulations that knock us down. When your faith goes missing, thats when fear, rejection, depression, sadness all start to creep into your life. The low periods are the hardest to have faith, but thats when you need to try your hardest and focus on yourself, or pray for that your faith will come back. I believe faith drives away fear. If you have confidence in yourself, fear begins to dwindle away. I have a sign on my door that says “Let faith be bigger then your fear.” Every time I enter or exit that door thats the first and last thing I see. I feel like it definitely helps to visually see that sign, to give me that extra boost I need, when I feel that fear creeping back in.


Today my Pastor spoke about another way to rid of fear, through thankfulness. That sounded crazy at first. How can me being thankful, drive away my fear of my future. Then I thought about what I’m thankful for, my family, my friends, my boyfriend and I started to realize these are the people who uplift me and help me have faith in myself. Amazing! Just having my boyfriend tell me, to go after my dreams and help me put it together right there was showing he had faith in me! He helped me put together this site, helps me edit my posts and all because he has faith in what I’m doing. He gives me the extra boost I need to keep going. My friends have been so supportive of everything I have done so far and have told me how great my post were. This gives me the motivation to keep posting to help them and to reach other people. Guess what? That is faith right there working. My family, my number 1 supporters constantly tell me how great I’m doing, and how my words touch them. Faith once again reappearing, thats from me being thankful for my family in my life. Thankfulness also gets rid of envy, anger and worry but thats for another time.


We live in a fearful age, but its up to us how we get through it. If we focus on the fear and the negativity, we will never succeed. When we have faith in ourselves to push through and know we have a purpose in life, we will succeed. I said it in my first post, if I can help just one person then my job is done. I have Faith that this is my calling and will keep writing and motivating other people. Have faith in yourself, and take that leap. You will be surprised how far you go, and how happy you will be. Writing is a hobby for me right now, but I know in the future it will be more. Writing has made me happy and made me feel important. Follow your dreams!

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