looking in the mirror: I got this

Blogging wasn’t always what I planned out to do. Many of my friends and even my boyfriend would keep telling me to write. All I would think is who wants to hear what I have to say, about fashion, travel, and as always my advice. Then I realized the more trips I planned, outfits I wore, or advice I would give, people always came back to ask me more. I consider myself a very thoughtful person full of plenty ideas. Whether it is an outfit I have in mind, or my next vacation idea, I am always brainstorming about everything else but work (lol).
After speaking to friends and coworkers, I realized I have a knack for planning. I also have a knack for creating thoughtful gifts and ideas. I want to write and express myself about the things that I feel many people can relate to. I know plenty of people who would want to travel but don’t have the patience to book the trip and find things to do. In the most recent year I found myself traveling more and always being the one to book and plan the whole trip, while the others just pay their half. Maybe eventually I will open up my own travel agency (who knows). Another thing I realized, I am one to always find bargains when I shop and wear things that people may second guess. I am the first one to tell you how much my outfit cost and if I got a steal on it, because let’s face it everyone wants a deal. Plus I change my wardrobe like every other week, trying to keep up with all the new trends becomes an expensive habit. And of course, the biggest rule you can’t repeat an outfit twice on social media. So who can afford to spend all that money on one outfit? Heck I can’t! I’m only an admin in the city. I rather spend the bulk of my money on experiences anyway and my new little puppy (the cutest frenchie you will ever see! (JK) but really he is the cutest).
(told you the cutest frenchie.. introducing TORO)
So here I am testing out this new hobby, blogging. I will blog about anything I feel needs to be heard, and any inside scoop I have to share with you guys. I hope this blog will help many of you, and even if it helps just one person it will be satisfying. Thanks for reading….. stay tuned for the next adventures to come…

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