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I love Sundays. Growing up, Sundays were always the days we went to church in the morning and had family dinner at night. It was the one day all 5 family members would be together. My dad worked two jobs growing up and he always tried to make it home for dinner, but Sundays were a guarantee. Although I love Sundays, I swear they are the shortest day of the week. The time always goes so fast and before you know it, it’s 7am and you’re getting ready for work or school and the Monday blues have crept up on you. With that being said, as an adult in the workforce, I definitely get the Monday blues more often than not. So I decided what better way to end a weekend with a little bit of encouragement. I feel like I can be so bummed because the weekend is over, but the second I read a quote or a bible verse that is uplifting it makes my Monday that much better. I struggle with always looking forward to the weekend not realizing each day is passing us by. I want to live more in the present after all it is a gift that we made it to the next day. So my new thing is to try every Sunday to do a little soul searching to help me prep for the week to come. Sometimes we get so caught up with everything going on that we forget what our purpose is in life. Some of us still struggle with that (I know I definitely do), the 20’s is an odd time period. The one thing I realized is I don’t have to have it all figured out already (half of us don’t). I struggled with this for a while because of course like most 20 something year olds, social media plays a big role in my life. My phone is always near by and I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, needless to say I have all the outlets to watch people’s lives. But I have to remind myself two things: Number one, not everyone has their life together and they are only showing you a glimpse of their actual life by posting a pic on Facebook or Instagram. And secondly, no one is me and I am not them. We forget that easily. Everyone has their own story and there will never be duplicates, which is what makes us an individual. Now that I think about it, its silly to even compare to other peoples live, I like being Erica Gomez. Of course, I fall guilty from time to time of the occasional comparison. I seemed to sometime want to rush my life already and be at the end point of wherever it is i’m supposed to be. Then I realized this is my journey, these confusing, not sure moments are whats going to make up my life story. So why would I want to rush that! I truly believe in everything happens for a reason. So when bad things happen in my life which trust me they do from time to time;I try to remind myself, if this bump in the road didn’t happen it wouldn’t of led me to my next destination. One verse that always brings me peace in the midst of my worry rant is Jeremiah 29:11.

Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11

Now im not here to try and covert anyone to be a believer. I am simply just sharing a “quote” if you will for encouragement. Trying to figure our every next move can be so pressuring, and social media does not help. Another one of my favorite qoutes which is also my favorite Alex & Ani braclet is ” whats for you shall not pass you.” Sometimes we get upset if we didn’t get that job we interviewed for or maybe our boyfriend broke up with us and we thought he was the one (trust me I get it), but instead of obsessing over what I did wrong,I try to let it go.

I love to wear mine as a daily reminder!

I love to wear mine as a daily reminder!

Of course its easier said then done, but just think of when one door closes another one opens. We cant always see the silver lining but we should try. Positive thinking,I have realized recently has such a powerful affect. The way our mind is wired to think can literally be life changing. Today my pastor said a message that really spoke to me. He said “Negative thinking affects us right away, it destroys our present and distracts us from the future.” This couldn’t be more accurate.The strongest people after all are the ones who get knocked down time and time again and keep standing up. ( Fun fact: the creator of Starbucks was turned down by 258 banks!! Imagine he stopped and we didn’t have our grande caramel macchiatos..we would prob die) It takes time to be where you want in life (which is OK, don’t forget to tell yourself that) , especially if we haven’t quite figured out what our purpose is yet. Like a line I hear from time to time or see on social media,”It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota but 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.” Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can. Greatness takes time, and if we are lucky enough to see another day lets enjoy that time. One tip I can share that helps me slow down and enjoy the present,is to take some me time and schedule something that makes you happy during the week. If you like to work out sign up for that zumba class or stay an extra half hour in the gym. If you are like me and love to eat ice cream, set up a weekly date to go get some with your friends or boyfriend. Stress is a killer, literally. So slow down enjoy that extra time to yourself, look forward to something during the week that can be a stress reliever. For me, its cuddling with my dog, and boyfriend and watching junk reality TV! (guilty pleasure). You should also to try to set a goal and reach it, whether its losing those 5 pounds, or signing up for a painting class, or attending an event you really want to do. Do it! When you accomplish it, it gives you that much more confidence in life. Just know that not everyone has their life together (including me) but take one day at a time and it will eventually all fall into place. Stop living in fear and stress of not having your life together you aren’t the only one I promise! Start living life and enjoying the moment and your positive outlook will start to make for you positive future!

Don't you worry!

Don’t you worry!

Check back every Sunday for a little inspiration to start your week off right!

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