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Now that I have decided to take this leap and start blogging, I thought to myself what else will people want to know. Well since I believe in diversity and keeping things interesting rather than the same ol’ same ol’, I decided to write about the free things that go on in my very own backyard, NYC. I have always wanted to explore the fun things that go on in NYC, but was either lazy or just didn’t have anyone to go with. Now as I’m getting older, I’m realizing that I need to just get up and go whether or not I have someone to go with because when you do things that interest you, odds are you’ll meet people who also share the same interest. I am always down for meeting new people; I am somewhat of a “social butterfly.” For those who are not as outgoing as me, exploring alone can still be just as fun and relaxing. It is always healthy to have a little me time. I am fortunate enough to have grown up in New York my whole life, but I realized there is so much I haven’t seen in my own city. This blog is giving me a reason to go out on and explore. Over the past two weekends, I have been researching fun FREE things to do in NYC over the summer. There are so many things that go on every single day for free, I had no idea. It is hard to keep up! I have been picking the most interesting ones to me and going out to enjoy them!

The first thing I did was go to the High Line. It’s a beautiful free walkway with amazing views of NYC. I also found some art up there and took some really cool pics with the Empire State Building as my background setting.


The next fun thing I did was go to the David Zwirner Gallery. It is located on the west side right near the one of the entrances to the High Line, how convenient. The gallery is bright and colorful and they give you fun stickers to put on the walls, the furniture or even yourself. This particular exhibit was small but definitely worth going to. I haven’t seen anything like it! The exhibit is located on 519 & 525 West 19th Street and is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Hurry, it’s only open a few more days, (the last day is June 13th!)

I decided to play dress up!

I decided to play dress up!

Got caught in the action taking a selfie, Guilty!

Got caught in the action taking a selfie, Guilty!

I also went to Madison Square Park, for my first time ever! What a nice park it was. What drew me to it was the Art installation they are having by Teresita Fernandez. A little background info on her, she is a famous artist who has made art constellations for Louis Vuitton stores in Paris and Shanghai! I love me some art, as well as Louis Vuitton. They have a dog park as well, a nice grassy area for a picnic or maybe some tanning. They also have a shake shack!!(My absolute favorite btw) Go check this park out, make a day of it you will not regret it!



The last thing I checked out was some events from They were having free events all around the Lower east side (LES) this past weekend. This is an annual thing. They have a lot of interactive art, as well as a glimpse of what the future of the LES will look like. They had over 50 stations of free stuff to do. One really cool thing I got to be a part of was an artist who made her own “Compliment gumball machine.” You turned the knob and out came a free compliment! How sweet is that? I wish we could put these all over the city.


Just the compliment I needed to hear!

Just the compliment I needed to hear!

I am going to keep researching for more fun stuff to do, since these past two weekends were a lot of fun. The best part I didn’t spend any money and got to enjoy my beautiful city. Keep checking back for more fun FREE to do’s!

**want to thank my photographer friend Marvin for helping me capture all these awesome moments.. follow him on instagram.. le_M_Martian.

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